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Root Canal Specialists

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When most people think about dental surgery, they picture oral professionals armed with trays of scary looking equipment. At Jung Endodontics, we're here to show you how easy and comfortable the process can be!

Let modern technology make your dental experiences as pleasant as possible!

Instead of using a mirror and a bright light, your doctor can now see into your mouth with the use of a high tech camera, making the process of surgery and simple checkups easier than ever. Your doctor will never miss a step with the help of a high tech digital magnifying videoscope!

What is a videoscope?

  • Increased precision

  • Clear images

  • Video technology

  • One click live streaming

  • Comfortable options

  • Simplified procedures

Benefits and features

Have you ever had a dentist or orthodontist peer into your mouth with a mirror, pushing and prodding at your cheeks? With a digital magnifying videoscope, this is a problem of the past.

See what sets us apart!

Let us make your care as simple as possible

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